Microsoft Excel

Excel Training, Enniscorthy WexfordADKC Training offers full training in Microsoft Excel, from beginners right through to advanced.

Would you like to understand how to use spreadsheets to keep track of such things as household budgets, income and expenditure for a small business, or more complex business problems like inventory tracking, labour scheduling or working capital?

A course in Microsoft Excel could give you the jumpstart you need to create a spreadsheet that helps you to manage your figures. You can take a generic course that covers the most commonly used features of Excel, or a customised course can be created around your specific requirements.

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Items covered on a generic course include such things as:


  • Editing – Cut, Copy, Insert, Delete, Paste Special, Find & Replace
  • Custom Formatting, Undo, Redo, Comments
  • Basic Formulas and Functions
  • Printing Options
  • Sorting, Hiding / Unhiding, AutoFormats
  • Protecting a Worksheet, Basic Filters
  • Basic Charts, Basic Formatting


  • More Complex Formulas and Functions
  • Data Validation and External References
  • Advanced Filters, AutoFilters, Named Ranges
  • More Advanced Charts
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Protecting and Sharing Workbooks, Track Changes, Merging
  • Shared Workbooks
  • Custom Views, Report Manager, Hyperlinks, Outlining


  • Advanced Formulas
  • Extracting Data and Decision Making
  • Advanced Filters, Text To Columns, Importing Text Files
  • Pivot Tables 1
  • Scenarios, Goal Seek
  • Data Tables and Consolidation
  • Basic Macros

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